Store hazardous

hazardous substances

The storage of hazardous substances is a sensitive matter. If stored improperly, they can quickly become a problem for people and the environment. A special hazardous material store is required for the storage of hazardous substances. When storing, certain precautionary measures must be taken and rules must be followed.

hazardous substances or dangerous goods

Substances with hazardous properties are called hazardous substances in chemical logistics. They can ignite during storage, pose a hazard to the environment or cause acute or chronic damage to human health. The national legislation of the substances of which defined properties have been declared as hazardous substances is called the Hazardous Substances Ordinance (GefStoffV).

Dangerous goods, on the other hand, are substances or objects that pose a risk to animals, the environment or people in connection with their transport. This means that e.g. Lithium batteries are dangerous goods, whereas cement is a hazardous substance.

Hazard classes

Due to their properties, substances are assigned to at least one hazard class. A distinction is made between 3 hazard classes:

  • Physico-chemical hazards
  • Human health hazards
  • Environmental hazards

Storage classes

According to the currently valid TRGS 510 there are different storage classes for the storage of hazardous substances. We can store the following 4 Classes with us:

Class 5, Division 5.1: Oxidizing Substances

Class 5, Division 5.2: Organic Peroxides

Class 8: Corrosives (Liquids And Solids)

Class 9: Miscellaneous dangerous goods/hazardous materials and articles

Store your hazardous materials safely

Do you want to store hazardous substances? We will be happy to take care of storage and, on request, the associated transport for you. Our team is trained in the field of hazardous substances and dangerous goods and can look back on years of experience.

We would be happy to check the requirements of your stored goods and provide you with a specific offer on this basis.